Why we built Recognize

I initially began Recognize because I wanted an easy and impactful way to let my coworkers know how much I appreciated them. Since starting, more people have joined the Recognize team, and one of many things we share is the belief that Recognize can truly improve company culture. Knowing that most companies don’t have the resources to build their own homegrown employee appreciation application, we set out to build a standard one that was fun and easy. Recognize is a straightforward tool that any company can use.

One of our main goals has been to follow nature as close as possible, from the level of the elevator pitch on down to the buttons. Why? Because successful apps are ones that seamlessly digitize real life. That’s why check-in apps (mostly) aren’t successful: We don’t naturally check-in to restaurants — it’s just weird. But we do like to share our thoughts and our photos, hence the success of Facebook and Instagram. And recognizing people and rewarding others with badges is an archetype going back thousands of years.

Recognize draws on the natural instinct to articulate and categorize appreciation, increasing positivity in the process. Coworkers view and validate recognitions, adding to the social element of the app. This social aspect is crucial — people love it when others know that they’ve done a good job, including when that good job is the act of giving recognition itself.

As we’ve worked on Recognize, we’ve also researched social recognition, and have learned about how our instincts about Recognize are actually supported by research findings. We discovered that recognized employees are more engaged, and employees who are engaged are more likely to be motivated, productive, and profitable.

We made Recognize to feel good and share good feelings with those around us. Afterall, we are at work for at least 40 hours a week. Might as well enjoy that time as best we can.

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