Minimalist business card design

Business cards are too busy.

Many business cards portray the opposite of minimalism. They have unnecessary graphic art elements, and place content in the corners of the card. They often include their name, their email, their website, their phone number, their office number, their fax number, and their address. Phew! Business cards would be easier to read and easier to focus if they only included what was absolutely necessary.

Do you we really need your job title on a business card?

When designing with minimal on the mind, a lot of information is omitted. First to go is address. Addresses are not needed for most businesses. Hardly anyone is going to visit me, so I omit it. But if you are a brick and mortal store then it makes sense. Next to go is the job title. The fact that Amazon let’s their employees choose their job titles says a lot. If it is important to know the job title of someone, then ask them.

The point of business cards is for someone to remember you.

What kind of conversation is it if the person who receives the business card doesn’t know anything about you? All you need is their name. Their name plus the company name will give enough information to remember that person. Find out about them during the conversation, and then use the business card only as a frame of reference.

Minimalist design is the goal.

The best products are ones that allow the users to focus. Things that are not important, or key to the product, get in the way. This philosophy extends throughout my life. When I designed our business cards, this was my primary goal.

Recognize’s business card

Recognize's business card

People love our new cards. They love them because they are focused and unusually simple. People hand me busy cards with all kinds of graphics and information. Recognize’s card has just has 4 pieces of info: name, company name, email, and telephone.

What’s more, people feel comfortable with centered information. That’s why I put our logo on one side centered, and our basic information on the other side also centered. People immediately know the company name and my name.

I only included our email. A good friend pointed out on my old personal business card, “Hey your email has your full name and your URL. Redesign it with just your email and that’s it.” In the end, I redesigned my personal card to only have email, phone number, and city. The other side is completely blank. People love this design. This influenced my design process on Recognize’s business cards.

My personal business card

Print on recyclable material

A few obvious design requirements to a simple card include only using a few colors and use only one typeface. Beyond that, I recommend using to print your business cards, and use their recyclable paper. We don’t need more business cards in landfills.

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  1. Song

    Loving the minimalist design. In this day and age, what more do you need? I can’t recall the last time I tried to figure out a company’s core focus from a biz card. In fact, I mostly just photograph business cards and then discard them. All I need is the stored image in my phone – which can use OCR and turn it into a contact.

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