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Employee Appreciation Day: 8 Ideas Your Staff Will Love

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March 1: Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day takes place on the first Friday of every March, and was created as a way to show recognition and appreciation for all the hard work employees do throughout the year. Many companies use this holiday as an opportunity to do something fun for their employees to show them just how much they appreciate them!

Since we’re appreciating their work and awesome, go-getter attitudes, it’s important we know what they want!

Kate Kastenbaum Senior HR Manager

The company Chatmeter took a competitive approach to their Employee Appreciation Day by running a social media contest.

In the week leading up to Employee Appreciation Day we are running a social media contest for employees to post their favorite picture from a past Chatmeter activity, with a caption naming an idea for something fun or crazy the team could do next.

Collin Holmes CEO

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Employee Recognition Increases Motivation and Retention

Employee Recognition with Recognize is a simple way to increase employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention. In a recent employee recognition survey at Recognize found that 49% have left a job for not being recognized, and 77% appreciate being recognized for their work. Most people surveyed also feel more motivated to work hard when they’re recognized by their managers and peers. We also found that by using Recognize 96% of employees felt more connected to their employer, and 90% wanted to stay with their company longer.

8 Ways to Recognize your Employees on Employee Appreciation Day

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Send employee recognitions to all your employees telling them how much you appreciate them

With Recognize, it’s easy to give employee recognition for your staff’s hard work and dedication, not only on Employee Appreciation Day, but everyday as well! With the Recognize bulk employee recognition tool, you can easily recognize every single member of your staff by importing a spreadsheet.

Download the Recognize bulk recognition spreadsheet, fill it out, and we will process it for you.

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Employee Appreciation Day poster idea

Print off posters of some of your employee’s recognitions and hang them up around the office!

Posters are a fun way to bring the digital space into your physical space and showcase your super star employees in a new way.

Organize a town hall meeting to get all of your staff celebrating together

Town Hall meetings are a great opportunity for the leaders of the company to gather everyone around and recognize standout employees. If you have remote workers, it’s also a great excuse to get everyone in the same room for some camaraderie.

Read more about how to organize a company party or town hall meeting here.

Interview different employees and create an Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook story to showcase your employee appreciation

Since everyone is always on their phones anyway, try bringing the Employee Appreciation Day experience mobile! Interview different employees about direct reports, managers, or peers they want to recognize for doing a great job, and post them on your social media application of choice.

Cater a lunch

There’s nothing people love more than free food! A surefire to make sure everyone is in the office that day is to have your staff’s favorite restaurant cater a lunch for the whole office. If you really want to make a day of it, have several food trucks come out to the office parking lot and celebrate the arrival of Spring in the great outdoors! See more employee reward ideas here.

Place a single flower or plant on your employee desks

Plants on an office desk

A single flower with a small handwritten note can go a long way to showing each and every employee you value them. Flowers are also a great way to show those cold dark winter days are leaving and spring is here!

Give to a local non-profit to help make the local community better

Show your employees that you not only appreciate them, but you appreciate their community as well. Give to a local non-profit that invigorates your local community and makes everyone’s lives better!

Get out of the office and volunteer

Employees volunteering for employee appreciation day

Have your staff take the afternoon off, go out together, and do something good for the community, like cleaning up a local park or beach. It’s great way to spend time together and show your appreciation to your local community as well.

If you try out any of these ideas for Employee Appreciation Day, or come up with some of your own, we would love to hear about it! Send us pictures or shoot us an email of how you recognized your employees on Employee Appreciation Day 2019!

Increasing employee engagement with incentive programs

When was the last time you felt engaged at work? I mean really present, fired up, and motivated to meet the day’s challenges. When was the last time you saw your employees and coworkers excited to be at work and inspired by a project or task? Yesterday? Last week? Maybe a few months ago? Or not even once in the last year?

Employees simply are not engaged at work, and this disengagement is affecting productivity, retention, and work quality. According to a recent Gallup poll, this disengagement costs the U.S. economy $370 billion annually. 1

The goods news is that the corporate world is learning how to engage and motivate employees, and employers are putting this gained knowledge into action. Recent research highlights the power appreciation and recognition have for boosting employee motivation and reigniting engagement. 2 3 As Blacksmith and Harter report, “Over the past several decades, business and psychological researchers — including Gallup — have identified a strong relationship between employees’ workplace engagement and their respective company’s overall performance.” 4

So what are some good ways to increase employee engagement? A simple and effective place to start is with a social recognition application like Recognize. Recognize makes it easy for employees to express their appreciation for one another. Users select a badge to match the good deed they’re recognizing, add a personalized message, and then send it to a co-worker of their choice. All recognitions are showcased allowing co-workers to show their support with comments and +1s.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a leader in your workplace, an HR professional, or an employee – anyone can take the powerful step of recognizing the effort and skills of colleagues and in doing so, increase productivity and work quality. While a simple heartfelt thank you can have a lasting effect, programs to standardize and socialize workplace recognition, like Recognize, are making employee appreciation an even more powerful motivator.

Sign up today on our homepage, and be recognizing coworkers in less than a minute.



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