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April Updates

Incentives illustration with biking to work, carpooling to work, or closing a bank loan as examples.

Announcing Incentives

Staff report heir accomplishments to their direct report managers. Sign in to enable in the Company Admin Settings. Look for the tab Tasks to setup.

  • Promote a wellness program
  • Give bonuses to sales
  • Recognize unsung heros.

Learn more about Incentives

Engagement reports

Engagement reports

Engagement Reports

Now admins can turn on Engagement Emails for managers and admins in the Settings. Each month, admins and managers will receive emails about the engagement of their managers or their direct reports, respectively.

Go to the Company Admin Settings to enable. It is disabled by default.

Managers find out which employees is an unsung hero.
Admins find out which managers is active or inactive in the program.

Nonprofit Gift Cards

If you use the gift card feature, you can no add non-profit charities, like American Cancer Society or Habitat for Humanity.

Find them in the Rewards section of the Company Admin

Nominate Yourself

Now you can enable a nomination badge to be sent and received by the same person. Do that in the Company Admin Custom Badges section.

Talk to Other Companies

Do you have any questions about how to create a successful program, want to talk to other companies using Recognize, or have some great tips you want to share? Please let us know.

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