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Multiple Recipients in Employee Recognition

Why only recognize one person when you can recognize many people at the same time? Employee recognition should be free to send to as many people as possible. Isn’t that our goal after all? To allow everyone to be recognized in the easiest way possible? We are cooking up a number of ideas to help people recognize more easily. Recognize is getting better and better for our customers. Today we announce multiple recipients to a recognition.

A screenshot of Recognize's multiple recipient in the send recognition form.

Recognize the planet

With multiple recipients, managers and coworkers can make sure everyone receives the notice they deserve. Many managers have requested this feature and it is about time we launched it.

When you recognize multiple people, it lists all the people as recipients in the recognition cards and on the recognition show page.

Screenshot of recognition show page where multiple people are listed

No longer are people left out of employee recognition

Batch recognitions is the best way to make sure your employee recognition occurs across your professional social graph. Never feel like you missed someone again.

Multiple Recipient recognition card