Monthly Archives: July 2013

Employee recognition for the masses

It is our goal to promote professional’s online reputations. To bring employee recognition to everyone, we added the ability for individuals to sign up.

Now, anyone can sign up for Recognize

Companies can still sign up and engage their staff with employee recognition. But individuals can sign up too and grow their reputation.

By default, your recognitions are public. Share your profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social networks. When you do this, Google can index your profile and when people search for you on Google, they will find positive recognitions attached to your name.

Recognition programs shouldn’t be only for employees

Most recognition programs focus on employees. We want to let anyone have a recognition program at their disposal, even if it isn’t tied to their company. Thus, we opened up recognition awards for everyone.

Problem with most employee recognition programs is they are not truly social. A lot of times we want to recognize people outside of our work environment. In fact, nearly half the people who sign up for Recognize attempt with their personal email, even though we state on the homepage that we only accept professional emails. By allowing personal emails we help a lot more people send and receive recognition awards.

Send recognition awards with anyone

With this new feature, it is our goal to now add authentication with Google Gmail. Soon all your contacts will be imported dynamically thanks to Google Gmail API. It will be very easy to send recognition to your colleagues.

Until then, you can use people’s email address to send recognition. Once in the system, you can find them with autocomplete.

Like LinkedIn, but in real-time

Edmundo Vindel's recognition
The problem with LinkedIn Endorsements is they show skills you’ve had in the past. LinkedIn Endorsements do not present skill progression. With Recognize’s employee recognition program, we allow individuals to be recognized for skills right now. This allows us to (eventually) show your skill progression over time.

Sign up today with your company email or your personal email to begin promoting your online professional reputation.

Recognition commenting

Another feature we released is commenting. Before, we used Yammer comments. We are thankful for Yammer to help us with commenting, but we needed our own system. Now you can comment on recognitions to increase the recognition award’s value. Anyone can comment on public recognitions, and when a recognition is private only the parties involved can comment.

Go back to your company’s most popular recognitions and write a comment. Create a conversation within your organization.